I am a Professor of Mass Communication in the Manship School at LSU. I'm new to Baton Rouge and the South, and to wiki page creation.


2009-01-21 22:23:25   You are more than welcome. I spent a lot of time working Tobin's Rochester creation RocWiki while recovering from a cancer surgery last fall. Glad to be of help - my daughter was able to make two trips to New Orleans to help out, I can only pitch in for the area via the web. Got the Obama Spirit !! —BradMandell

2009-01-22 10:21:32   Hello again Doctor (:>} - I wondered if you have any particular interest in the role of Wiki's in mass communication or in using wiki's in higher education. I think both are interesting areas. I am also involved in the Media Monitoring and Media Measurement business as the US Operations Manager for a Swiss manufacturer of high-end newspaper scanning systems. —BradMandell

2009-01-22 14:08:33   I'd say my interest in wikis, higher education, and communication research all spring from my interest in communication and figuring out how stuff works in society more generally. Plus, I'm enjoying finding out more about my new town. I have no plans to look at wikis as a researcher or educator, though I do use and study online talk in both contexts. Would you please tell me more about newspaper scanning? Is this actual optical scanning, or is this now done digitally from the newspaper's online presence? Is it for archival or market research purposes? —Rosanne

2009-01-22 14:34:29   The systems actually scan full size broadsheets (4 pages) in full duplex, color, at 300 dpi at 650 newspaper pages per hour. See Video. The archive scanning of news media is typically done from microfilm, as the newspapers keep their archives in that form - real old newspapers are not scanned by active feed scanners (possible damage). Our customers scan thousands of pages a day to feed the news clipping (mnedia monitoring) services - the big players in the US are BurrellesLuce and Cision. They also serve the media measurement services that measure advertising exposure, placement and advertising equivalence from public relations campaigns - a big player here is TNS. —BradMandell

2009-01-22 14:44:05   To fix the name, click on Edit, then below click Rename and give it then new name, the old name stays there and has a "Redirect" to the new name. You can also create an alias or AKA name by creating a new page with Alias name and for its contents you just use a Redirect to the actual page. I will do a sample for you now on the sand box. —BradMandell

2009-01-22 16:50:59   OK - refer to Wiki Sandbox/Test Page Renamed for info on renames, aliases, redirects, and orphaned pages. —BradMandell