2011-12-15 13:19:01   Was she really spamming? The kind of link she added wasn't really helpful, but she might have meant well. Or was I missing something? I see that she added links to couponcabin to several pages on Daviswiki and Sacwiki. So maybe she works for them. But maybe she's also someone who just uses couponcabin, and thought other people might benefit from using it too? Still not a reason to put a link to couponcabin on the pages, but it would mean that she maybe shouldn't be banned? And her persistence in adding links to pages even after the links were removed might just be because she didn't know how to look at a page's history to see that her links had been removed for good reasons.

Maybe when the new Localwiki code is in place, and admins have access to user emails, we can email her to let her know that her particular edit wasn't in the spirit of Sacwiki, but that she's invited to contribute in other ways. —NicholasBarry