SRB (not to be confused with that other SRB) was born and raised in the bay area and attended UC Davis as an undergrad. She grew up a frequent diner of San Francisco, Berkeley, and Walnut Creek's finest restaurants and considers herself a foodie.

SRB's Best Of Davis

Best Overall Restaurant Tucos Wine Market and Cafe: Can't go wrong

Best Thai Food Thai Dynamite: Pad see yew with chicken and tofu; chicken potstickers :(

Best Pizza Village Bakery: Spinach pizza with garlic white pesto sauce, spinach, tomatoes, goat cheese

Best Sandwich Fat Face: All, especially the beer poached fig sammich with caramelized onions, goat cheese, arugula Nugget Market: Build a sandwich with the chef's prepared turkey (carved off a fresh in-house-roasted turkey) as opposed to the deli sliced turkey

Best Deals Davis Food Co-op: Golden beet and kale salad from the deli, very filling medium container for under $3 Crepeville: Half vegetarian sandwich half fuji salad combo, comes with potatoes, lots of food for under $8

Best Drinks Sophia's: Ask the bartender for the specialty drink menu

Best 2AM Eat Burgers and Brew: Turkey avocado melt

Best Sweets Let Them Eat Cake: I've tried almost every flavor, the Scarlett is still a top favorite Fluffy Donuts: Nom nom... need I say more?

SRB thinks she knows food, but if you think you know better, your suggestions and challenges are welcome...


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2008-06-27 10:45:46   you are right tucos is fabulous —MattHh

2009-10-07 23:21:44   Are you a Solid Rocket Booster (SRB)? —IDoNotExist

2010-05-25 00:10:40   I think this makes it more fair?

2010-06-03 18:01:49   linkJasonAller

2010-06-03 18:08:46   As Jason Mentions, you can press the Info button on a page to get to old information. You can also see where the information was moved to here: ["Alvarado Sunset Apartments/Talk"] there is a discussion about the comments made on the page there. —PhilipNeustrom

2010-06-03 18:09:07   Philip renamed the page about Kari, rather than deleting it. Jason's link has the latest version. You can also go to any deleted page and click on the info button at the top to bring up the change log for the page. You can compare versions to see individual edits, or just view it at a certain point. Philip's wiki-fu puts mine to shame. Too slow!

How about sharing your experiences with Kari on the Alvarado Sunset Apartments? —TomGarberson

2010-06-07 20:51:07   Hey SRB, which apartment complex was she fired from? —TomGarberson