Sam I am!

Boo! Nice to meet you! This is an old photo This is a NEW photo, April 2006. Clearly, I am a CHAMELEON! These are my cats Dante and Frankie, as taken by Paul. Aren't they precious?! My year-and-four-month-old corn snake, Yoma, is the love of my life. You can see more pictures of him, including his growth, here Me and my lovely roommate, Ro, at the best bar in Davis, LP.

I graduated from UC Davis in 2004 with a BA in Anthropology and a minor in English. I stayed in Davis for two years after that (work and know), but recently moved to Portland, OR. to live the big city life. I used to live in The 230 with the hottest bunch of women in Davis. It was probably the best year of all six, and to say that I miss the girls very much would be an understatement. Davis, you are loved.


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Samantha cannot snap her fingers or whistle. - KenjiYamada

Samantha is hella hot and yet very cool. Sexiest paradox ever. - NxTx

2005-03-24 13:27:03   Hey, Samantha. If you upload your pictures to the Wiki rather than linking them, you can be sure that they will always display. —JabberWokky

2005-03-25 10:06:10   Thanks for letting me know! I will fix them all as soon as I get home, where I have access to my pics. =) —SamanthaWagner

2005-03-25 14:17:32   Sam, remember to preview before you save — saving too much ties up the server. Also, be sure and tell us what you change with the comment box. —ArlenAbraham

2005-03-25 17:24:29   Thanks Arlen, I will. Sorry about that! —SamanthaWagner

2005-03-30 18:02:00   I loved the cisco pic. I also love your beautiful face. —KennyOrtiz

2005-09-24 16:31:23   You need to learn how to whistle! Humming through puckered lips does not count! The only other person I know who can't whistle does that.. please tell me you have never... —RobertHester

2008-10-21 22:07:37   Hi Samantha...just completely new to Davis Wiki and wikis in general except for Wikipedia....stumbled accidentally on your page and thought you might enjoy checking out my website (I'm not spamming, I swear!) and I'm not sure if it's okay even to put in a live link here but go to handsonsnakes dot com. I'm over in Sonoma County and helping my friend Julie get her wiki up for her massage school. (massage therapy institute) I have a few snake good stories on my site...I like yoma, reverse okatees are my fave corn...we have a reptile bazaar over in petaluma and I know you guys have BARS over here....I saw a great herp lecture about 15 years ago in Davis with a couple of great big northern pines....pines and bulls and milks/large kings and rats are my favorite. Just putting together my profile now here. cheers! —DouglasHall