Sarah Downs is a Chico vegan activist and populist. She hosts the weekly animal news show Animal Matters on KZFR FM 90.1 Tuesdays at 5:30.

She can also be heard most evenings operating the board at KCHO 91.7 FM

"I am vegan and will probably focus all my energy on the vegan page of this wiki. The end."

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Of course, it's not "the end." Sarah has one of the more unsual personalities in Chico. When she speaks, on-air or off,  she exudes a passion and conviction that few people have. She is wise, loving, and grounded, and she sees things that few people see (and she is unafraid to confront hard truths) -- the planet and its creatures are lucky to have Sarah speaking on their behalf.


2008-02-02 16:44:04   Hi Sarah! Welcome to the wiki! Thanks for checking it out and adding some informative content on vegan eats! —RyanMikulovsky