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2008-12-31 14:47:47   Welcome to the Wiki. Sorry, you are right that the edit could have been handled better. How about we move the mother source reference to the correct listing and make sure that the picture stays? —JasonAller

2008-12-31 14:55:34   no problem moving the mothersource reference, but the pic is not accurate and could (or maybe has) directed Ray's patients into Caren's business/home. Not a big deal, but it is an interruption to Caren to have to redirect Ray's patients... part of the reason she wanted to update the Downtown Chiro page and create one for her business. I'm not gonna complain either way. thanks —SteveW

2008-12-31 15:00:25   Maybe you can replace the photo with a correct one then. Another way is to add [[Include(PhotoRequest)]] to the page so that someone will get a photo of it. —JasonAller