Stewart Savage is a resident of Davis and a local business owner.

After moving here in the late 1990's, Stewart quickly came to enjoy the relaxed and creative Davis lifestyle. As an avid bicyclist, he explored much of Davis on two wheels. He found the bicycle-friendly environment and miles of greenbelt and bicycle paths one of the greatest parts of Davis. He continues to enjoy this aspect of Davis to this date.

While riding through the UC Davis campus, he happened across the Craft Center. Through the Craft Center, Stewart was able to become part of the local art community and meet many of the people that provide the creative energy for the community. He signed on as a volunteer and spent many years helping the aspiring artists that visited the various studios. In addition to volunteering his time to the Craft Center, Stewart is also an instructor. He gladly shares his enthusiasm for wheel throwing and Raku firing. He is very appreciative of the opportunities the Craft Center provided in sharing his creative abilities.

Stewart is also the owner of Abaton Consulting. Abaton Consulting is a local technology consulting firm that specializes in Internet marketing solutions with a focus on website design, social media management, and pay-per-click advertising. Abaton Consulting can also provide graphic design, photography and videography services.  More information  can be found on the Abaton Consulting wiki page. Detailed information can be found at Abaton Consulting - Website Design Studio website.

As a local business owner, he understands and values business relationships. In December 2009, Stewart Savage joined the Davis Progressive Business Exchange. He is an active member of the Progressive Business Exchange and is now the Vice-President of the organization and is working to develop and expand the group's membership. Abaton Consulting is also a proud member of the Davis Chamber of Commerce.