Ted's Big Move

  • On Feb 25, 2008 Ted shoved off for points north, now residing in Vancouver WA, just north of Portland OR. It's been good, it's been fun, keep bicycling! And thanks to all my friends who helped me sort stuff/give stuff away when I was packing, and for Morgan for helping me sort, pack, drive (almost all of it), and land this great little house in Vancouver. (Note—Vancouver WA should not be confused with my past residence of http://vancouver.wikispot.org/Front_Page Vancouver BC)

I miss the curry soup and sushi buffets, but there's a 24 hr Mexican shack just down the street, a busy RR yard and Amtrak station a mile away, and lots of gastronomic delights in Portland (hey, wikifairies, where's the Portland wikispot, BTW?)

Ted's Favorite Eats

  • Coho — curry soup, tacos, meat chili. I live for the Thai curry soup. With all toppings and chicken. And the meat chili or black bean tacos are the best deal in town.
  • Jusco — Lunch. Buffet. Sushi. (my favorite is white tuna, avocado rolls and Philadelphia rolls)
  • Sunrise Restaurant #22 (pork over rice—$5.25), milkshakes (the best in town—I prefer jack fruit, mango, coconut, or durian $2-3) and possibly an appetizer of pork and shrimp spring rolls.
  • Crepeville Bring a friend or two, get the daily special, upgrade the salad to a large salad (Fuji, with blue cheese replaced by feta cheese). A huge meal—it's big enough for three, for only $17. Very macrobiotic.
  • In-N-Out Burger I recommend a double double protein style with grilled onions, extra onions, extra tomatoes, and fries. Squeeze a fresh lemon on the fries. $4.35 or so.

Honorable Mentions

  • Ali Baba Daily specials—good for a quick, substantial, reasonably healthy dinner.
  • Nobu Hiro Sushi lunch buffet
  • The Old Teahouse Everything is good, everything kinda tastes the same, but can't go wrong with pork and eggplant or tofu and eggplant. Open till midnight :)
  • Farmer's Kitchen Cafe Everything on the menu. The food is as good as the service is bad. Being wheat-free, the gluten-free sandwiches, tarts, pies and pizzas are a real treat.
  • Davis Food Coop hot soup, esp. black bean. Veggie sushi is good to tide over one's hunger without spoiling your appetite.
  • Any of the Thai Restaurants, all seem about the same to me.
  • Kathmandu Kitchen Lunch buffet!
  • Yummy Guide Cafe Authentic modern south Asian food. Rice with fried eggs and ham, mango dessert with tapioca and strawberries. It's not all "good" to the North American palate, but it's all authentic.

Dearly missed


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2007-06-06 08:59:53   Would it be feasible for you to upload your presentation in its original format (i.e. PowerPoint or whatever). —WilliamLewis

2007-06-06 10:55:28   Simply awesome presentation, Ted! —PhilipNeustrom

2007-06-06 16:29:50   I could upload it as a single document, but I think the individual slide thumbnails work well as a "teaser" to get people interested. It's less intimidating to pull up a couple slides than it is to wade through a 50 page Power point presentation. The slides look good at the 300 pixel size.

Glad you liked the presentation, Phillip, I had a great time putting it together. Join Davis Bicycles if you want to be part of the change! —TedBuehler

2007-06-06 18:13:25   the things you and your comrades are doing for the bike community are truly awesome and making a significant impact. thanks for making the slides easily accessible. peace. —JessicaRockwell

2007-07-19 18:17:59   Thanks for the great contributions! —GrahamFreeman

2007-08-17 21:32:39   You may consider recording an interview with the B:C:Clettes for a future KDVS Bike Talk broadcast... —ElisaHough

2007-08-17 22:57:47   what do you think of the new MBC setup? The tricycle idea seems pretty sweet. Mr. Wagner always has awesome ideas for bikes —StevenDaubert

2007-08-18 00:43:39   My thesis is finally online—it's at http://www.davisbicycles.org/BuehlerThesisFinalDraft.pdf

Elisa-good idea on the interview!

Daubert—the Mobile Bike Church with the Dr. Seuss style unicycle is great! Easy and fun to ride, but it goes really slow (nonstandard ergonomics). Give it a whirl and see what you think. Peter is indeed the master. Channelling Theodore Giessel in 3D, real-life, real-time. —TedBuehler

2007-09-04 22:59:01   Ted, help us out with the Davis Bike Loop page. Did you pull this off? —jefftolentino

2007-09-09 17:03:41   Thanks for the link to the map. The Loop is awesome! —CovertProfessor

2007-09-14 00:39:42   ted!!!!! i wanted to contact you so you could come in and talk about the bike conference on my radio show. wanna do it next week? —JessicaRockwell

2007-09-23 17:57:57   Great scans! Just FYI: typically black and white (non-grayscale) images compress better when formatted as a PNG, not a JPEG, file. This is because PNG is good at noticing the large amount of repeated colors in the image. —PhilipNeustrom

2007-10-04 18:16:39   Wow, what a nifty photo of Wright Hall. Thanks —JasonAller

2007-10-12 09:30:58   if you want mike star child to be on the show on monday, he's down. I guess he's at Cristofs if you want to get ahold of him. me and mike can talk about our trip any time, but i think mike is leaving soon... —PxlAted

2007-10-12 18:42:53   Pxl—Good news—can you invite Mike Star Child if I'm unable to find him? Monday, Oct 15. Show starts at 5PM, let's be there 4:30 (no later than 4:45) to get situated. —TedBuehler

2007-12-05 08:58:35   hey ted... I might be a bit late to my bike church shift today, I'll be pruning trees, but will try and get there as close to 3pm as I can. Could you cover a few minutes for me? —PxlAted

2007-12-29 10:09:26   Hey, what aspect of the Davis bike lanes became standard across the US? They certainly vary in traffic pattern from state to state and look visually different. I'm guessing it's some sort of civil standard for width versus mph on the vehicle lane? We had a conversation about bike lanes in IRC1 as a result of trying to figure out the best way to word it; I added some info (basically dropped Bob's name in) and removed some blanket claims just to get clarification (i.e., there's no dispute that the Davis lanes were important in the modern history of bike lanes, just trying to figure out what the particulars are). It would probably be worth it to have an entire entry on the history of bike lanes in town, as it's an interesting (and rather intricate) subject. —JabberWokky

2007-12-30 00:51:35   JabberWokky— Davis had the first bike lanes on streets—in the early 1900s there were lots of bikeways, essentially bicycle highways—roads built for bikes. Apparently they were all taken over by cars or met some other unfortunate end. In the 1960s Davis residents clamored for bikeways on or adjacent to city streets. There was no precedent for this in the US, and the European model had the bike lanes between parked cars and sidewalks. The bike lanes built on Sycamore and East 8th were, as far as anyone seems to know, the first bike lanes in the country, and whether they were the first or not, it was the engineering standards developed around these and subsequent bike lanes in Davis that became the national standard.

I'll try to put together a page.

Who were you chatting with in IRC? I'm always interested in what other folks have to say about bike lanes. —TedBuehler

2008-02-15 16:36:04   yaaayyyyyy thanks for putting up the Davis Enterprise link —JeremyOgul

2008-02-16 03:41:12   Hi, sorry I reverted your link to newsbank from the enterprise page. While the Enterprise seems to have an exclusive arrangement with newsbank (I don't know the terms), newsbank has many other sources also and is not what I would call the electronic archive of the enterprise. I expect and hope that the enterprise has some other archive server in their office with whatever prepress electronic file was used to print the paper originally, preserving layout and ads, and allowing them to go away from newsbank in the future. Anyway, I think because that url is so long, it shouldn't be that way in the table at the top of the page and because access to newsbank is complicated as you mentioned, it is better explained in the body of the article. I wrote some more about how to access it and feel free to add your own information. Thanks! —NickSchmalenberger

2008-03-05 19:05:39   Hey, Ted... perhaps you need to plant a seed in your new hometown? :) —JabberWokky

2009-04-10 15:10:04   Ted could really go for come curry soup right now. —TedBuehler

2009-05-14 08:29:50   Hey, those were some great edits and some insightful comments on the Interstate 80 entry. Thanks. —JabberWokky

2009-05-23 10:17:51   What is it with expatriated Davisite editors? Great Amtrak edits! —JabberWokky

2009-05-29 18:27:34   Hey, great picture of the California Zephyr. I really enjoyed riding it in September, here are some of my pictures from the trip http://www.flickr.com/photos/stoat50/sets/72157612136712505/ . Did you ride the Zephyr or another train? I also rode the Coast Starlight to Spokane (actually riding a bus from Klamath Falls, ew) and then the Empire Builder to St. Paul, and that was really beautiful too. —NickSchmalenberger

2011-02-25 00:22:08   WHAT UPPPP TEEED! —StevenDaubert

2011-11-02 11:49:46   Thanks for adding those images! —PhilipNeustrom

2011-11-02 12:43:11   what Phillip said! Sweet presentation —StevenDaubert

2011-11-02 12:52:19   And another: Cool info! —JabberWokky

2014-11-01 00:38:16   I made the change requested. —JabberWokky


1. Which does not indicate plurality; edits are my own!