Thom and Jessica Hi there! My name is Thom MacMillan and I moved to Davis in Fall 2008 to attend UC Davis. At college, I joined a Christian group on campus called Cru, met my wife Jessica, and learned ancient Greek. As a student, I worked for the Covell and 113 Starbucks and then for the US Army Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center during my junior and senior years. After graduating in June 2012 with a double major in History and Classics, my wife and I are interning with Cru at UC Davis. In January 2014, we are leaving Davis to work with Campus Crusade for Christ South Africa for one year in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and we're taking some other recent alumni with us. You can also find me on Sunday mornings at Discovery Christian Church (which meets in the Davis Senior High School theater), where I help lead the Sunday morning band.

I love Davis, and have been using the wiki as a resource since I arrived here but for some reason never joined the wiki.

Some of my interests include:

Music: I grew up on classic rock, got way into 70s progressive rock, and then started exploring alternative, indie, folk, and bluegrass. I play bass, guitar, keyboard, and a little mandolin and I could talk for days about musical equipment. I own a Martin guitar and a Trace Elliot bass amplifier. Hit me up if you ever want to play some music!

Coffee: Every morning. Whole beans freshly ground. I'm not a huge snob (I actually enjoy Peet's Coffee and Tea and Starbucks) but I love a great cup of coffee from the Asia/Pacific region. Especially Sumatra.

Food: Burrito of choice = pastor with black beans. My taqueria of choice used to be the North Davis Taqueria Guadalajara but Taqueria El Burrito won my loyalty over the 2012-13 school year.

Bible and Theology: Long-term, I'd really like to study the the languages, cultures, and literature of the Christian Bible at a higher academic level. I'm most interested in the Psalms, Hellenistic Judaism, and Paul's letters in the New Testament.


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