Hi.  I am a native kentuckian, and have been living in sunny Denton, TX since July of 2010.  I have a moustache, and am a member of the Handlebar Club.  While this sounds prestigious, it isn't.  I wish there were more members in Denton, so we could meet and drink in the spirit of the Friday club meetings that take place in London.  Sometimes, it's hard feeling like you're the only handlebar in a sea of beards.  

I'm usually dressed pretty sharp, vested at least.  You've maybe seen me riding my bike around the square.  On that note, I work at Banter, and would be happy to shake your hand and pour you fellow Dentonites a fine beer, or make you some fine food (if I'm on the clock).

One of my favorite things about Denton is the thriving music culture, which I also participate in.  I am involved with two projects, Vita Brevis, and voltREvolt.

Beyond that, there's not much to know.  I am a fan of simple living in conjunction with trying to find the finer things in life.  This is largely due to my income bracket, which is a low one.

Jordan Batson wrote this about me, comparing me to a pumpkin soup (that he was eating at Banter, and yes, both the soup and I are that good).

"Thy trappings are golden,
Thy moustache is spiced,
A texture that is always so creamy and nice!
Is that a sprig of parsley that I detect on your lapel?
I shall live on you forever - Other squash can go to hell!"