Tim Jarratt

Tim Jarratt is a mathematics major at the University of California at Davis. Often he finds himself being asked "What are you going to do with a degree in mathematics?"; between his best imitation of Lamar Heystek's shrug and the tentative answer of "research", he hasn't yet come up with an answer. Often you can find him reading a book in the Co-Ho and although he may be looking for people he knows, chances are that he's really involved in his reading. In other news, he apparently still lives in the Thug Bungalow.

Semi-famous for photoshopping one of the Hydrology Department doors into room number 1337 of the "Thugology Dep't"

Tim is also huge in the underground Extreme Butter Fetish scene. You can check it out at EXTREMEBUTTERFETISH.COM (not actually extremebutterfetish.com).

Looks a lot like Josh Groban I think he looks more like Pete Townshend - DavidReid

Hey Tim, remember that time we were in the bungalow and Jim Boys showed up?