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2013-05-14 14:19:51   Welcome to the Wiki, Tony. On the University Village page, the comments from ChriselleJVinson and Fakewater both come from the same IP address you are using ( Please be aware that faking reviews from people who do not live at your complex is unethical and inappropriate. —PeteB

2013-05-14 15:47:23   Hi PeteB - We totally beleive in being transparent and completely agree with you that faking reviews is unethical and highly inappropriate. Although these reviews did come from the same IP address (our computer lab that all of our residents have access to) these reviews are 100% genuine and were written by two different, current residents that truly live here. —TonyWilson

2013-05-14 16:14:29   Tony-thank you for writing back. We appreciate an involved business person. We'll find a way to properly label why it's the same IP to avoid future concerns on the University Village page. —PeteB