I'm a Computer Science major at Sac State, who just happens to live in Davis. I'm 24 (at the time of this writing), and feeling a bit old for an undergrad student. I'm a senior though, and by the end of 2006 I should have a degree and be moving on to something else. Maybe grad school? Maybe not, I dunno.

I enjoy mountain biking. If anyone needs someone to ride with, I'm up for trips to Downieville, Santa Cruz, Annadel, or anywhere within a reasonable driving distance. Feel free to send me a message on AIM (tylerkaraszewski) if you're interested in contacting me.

Even if you don't mountain bike, you can feel free to send me an IM for any other reason. I like talking to people.

I've got a website, but if you're not at least a little bit of a computer geek, you might not find it interesting. http://tylerkaraszewski.com