Tyson eating Stonehenge Tyson walking on water Tyson Nichols was born in Fresno on March 13, 1978. He and his mother moved to Davis on November 20, 1992. As a teenager he played tuba, listened to the Doors and read Jack Kerouac at the Arboretum. He attended Holmes Junior High School, Davis Senior High School, and the Davis School for Independent Study.

While in Davis, he worked at Armadillo Music, was an Arts Writer for the California Aggie and sang with the Keystone Eyes, Keep on Trawlin', and the Whiskey Rebels.

Tyson graduated from UC Davis in the summer of 2005 with a Bachelors Degree in English— emphasis on creative writing. In college, he listened to Guided by Voices and read Wallace Stevens anywhere he wanted to.

Tyson moved to Boston in August 2005 with his girlfriend, Alyssa Pomernacki, where they now live in the South End. He is a substitute teacher. He listens to an assortment of downloaded music, makes frequent visits to the Boston Public Library, and explores Boston by riding the bus everywhere.

Tyson also keeps a blog.


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2005-09-22 16:39:21   hey tyson! i miss you mang —BrianChen