I am a B.A. graduate from UCD who majored in IR and HIS, was a commuter student my first year but lived in Davis for my last three years. I now live in Denver, CO where I am a Corps Member and Assistant Team Leader in FEMA Corps. I have worked in the Region 8 Office as a Public Assistance Project Specialist Insurance Tracker. After my time in Denver my team was deployed to help in the Oklahoma Tornadoes where I worked at their Joint Field Office as a Voluntary Agency Liasion Specialist and worked as a liason with the Logistics Department. I completed my first round there and then went to Texas where my team was deployed to work in North Dakota on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. I am now in Louisville, CO (30 minutes north of Denver) where I have worked in Mass Care at the largest Red Cross Shelter in the Nation, Individual Assistance and VAL again with both FEMA and the state of Colorado. Currently my team along with eight other teams are living at a Sam's Club during our third and final round in AmeriCorps. I am in the Tundra unit in team 2 (Tundra - 2).

I have a blog where I talk about my time in AmeriCorps FEMA Corps.


And here is the link the Sam's Article about our lodging situation.


I think that Daviswiki is by far the best site to find information on anything you want to know about Davis!