XeDty is an anonymous, and semi-frequent Wiki-ite who you probably pass every day.


Xed enjoys going to the Mondavi Center for entertainment, although not recently, mostly the performances he would not normally pay full price to unknowingly see. Xed has seen Herbie Hancock/Michael Brecker, Journey of the Roma, Rent, Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, and Salmon Rushdie.

Xed likes to eat at Chipotle, usually the chicken burrito with corn salsa, and guac with a free student root beer, In-N-Out for the animal style fries, and Pluto's for the Caesar Salads.

Xed lived in Cuarto, in Emerson Hall his freshman year. Cuarto is really nice; he lived on grass side. The Lexington is really nice, but where is the electric car filling station??

Xed frequents the Farmers Market and buys the strawberries, and apple juice. Sometimes bread from Village Bakery.

Xed spends time in the Chemistry Building and knows all the gossip. He studies, reads the journals, and sleeps in lower level of the Library. He drinks MU coffee; the french roast.

Xed has been to Chuy's Taqueria twice (liked it), never been to Fuji Chef, and has been to BJ's Restaurant and Brewery thrice (thought it was great), Sam's Mediterranean (great), and frequents Raja Indian Cuisine (best buffet).

Xed was here before the ARC (Do you know they are deep in debt?!) or Sciences Laboratory Buildings was here.

Xed was part of HEP. It was a great program where undergrads like Xed learned about Health and Wellness then taught about it to other undergrads. They gave programs in the dorms, put on events, tabeled in the MU and had a great time together. Xed gave a program to high school and middle school students, put on Sexterpiece Theater, and had a great time together.

Xed wants you to know about the Dean Keith Simonton Prize.

Xed created the page Legendary Eye of the Hawk and has nowhere to link it to.


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Why the removal as part of your edit?JasonAller

2006-12-22 10:06:36   Can you link Legendary Eye of the Hawk from somewhere? —JasonAller

2010-03-10 21:45:36   Are you sure you did not mean Raja Indian Cuisine? Ali Baba is not a buffet. —hankim