Hi, I'm Andrew, I moved here recently from Indiana to do a Postdoc here at UC Davis. I like drinking good beer, vegetable gardening, cooking, running, and looking after my 7 month old son. I also like eating massive piles of Buffalo wings drenched in Blue Cheese dressing, but i haven't found a good place to do that here yet.


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"2009-02-10 19:41:36"   Hi Andrew, sorry it took me so long to reply. I don't log in all the time. Are you on RateBeer.com or BeerAdvocate? Did you happen to bring any Dark Lord from Indiana with you? —caseybarc

2008-11-08 15:55:44   Good place for wings eh... I have yet to try uncle vitos! You know what makes the best wings? a BBQ and some time, when your in Davis you should hit me up and we will have a good wing off in a nearby park! I'm more of a fan of spice than blue cheese but we can do multiple batches! —StevenDaubert

2008-11-08 16:18:57   I smell a wiki bbq in the making... —SunjeetBaadkar