Me, Zorro, and the Pencil

Name: Andrea Stewart


Webpage: Vivid Dreams (in sore need of an update!)

Sketchblog: Lionfish Fancies

About: Welcome to my wiki page! It's about time! I graduated UC Davis in 2004 with a Bachelor's in Economics. I worked for Target for a short time, during which a piece of my soul was sucked away. I now work as an office monkey for the state government in Sacramento and I commute from Davis. I also work part-time as a freelance illustrator, and I am finishing the rough draft to my first novel. My lifetime goal is to write novels full-time and be allowed to illustrate their covers.

I currently own, or am owned by, two very mischievous cats, Amazu and Zorro, and two cockatiels. Once in a while, I host nerd-tastic events at my apartment, including Star Trek: TNG marathons (complete with drinking game!), themed potlucks, LAN parties, a LotR marathon, Mafia games, etc., etc.

If you see me around, feel free to say "hi!" In the time I have left over, I enjoy devouring books whole, swimming, hiking, backpacking, $1 bottle nights at Sudwerk, and going to movies on their opening nights (I love the enthusiasm).

About my Art: Helen - Third Seat of Hajinn Hedgewitch Dance of Blades

I work in a variety of mediums - digital, colored pencil, pencil, acrylics, oils, and watercolor. Like most artists, I've been drawing as long as I can remember, and painting nearly as long as that. Digital paintings, such as "Helen", I create by using a pressure-sensitive tablet, stylus, and Adobe Photoshop CS. It's very much like painting traditionally (I use the same techniques as I do with oils), except the output appears on a screen instead of a canvas.

I used to accept commissions for portraits/landscapes/whatever, but I am currently working on putting together a portfolio in order to get book cover work. I may still accept work if a) I could put it in my portfolio, b) you offer me a heinous sum of money, or c) you have something to trade. I'm interested in electronic gadgets (a laptop, specifically), car help, and other artwork. I tend to sell my originals pretty fast. The only ones I have available at the moment are "Dance of Blades" and "Hedgewitch".

About my Writing: Errrr...uhhhh...Let's start out broad and work our way in. I'm working on a fantasy epic. It's set in a Morocco-ish country ruled by an oligarchy of three Seats. Things get...complicated. The plot of the first book is dominated by the struggle for the First Seat - the most powerful position in the country, and, at the start of this book, the only ruling position available due to a military coup. The subplots (all tied in to the main plot) involve a class struggle, a race on the brink of extinction, and a boy who, unknowingly, holds the key to a secret long-buried in the country's past.

One sentence summary: Rajheem, orphan and minstrel, becomes inadvertently caught up in the violent political struggles of his country.

There. That just about says it all.

"Helen", the woman in my painting above, is the primary antagonist in my story. I'm very fond of her.

Words so Far: 102,161

About my Office Monkeying: I spend 8 hours/day swinging in a jungle gym and eating bananas. Sometimes I get coffee.


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  • Glad you commented on the Taliesin Cat page. It left me curious to check out yours, and I had a chance to see your awesome art! Great pictures! — JanelleAlvstadMattson
  • I think your art is awesome too. The picture of Helen reminds me of something from Terry Goodkind, have you ever read anything by him? -NickSchmalenberger