Maybe it's because I'm lame...or African American...

Oh Crap Look What You've Gotten Yourself Into Now... *dramatic music* Name: Andre Harris, Jr!

Phone Number: (559) 867-5309

Age/Year in College: 19, Sophomore!

Major: Technocultural Studies w/ emphasis on production, and a double minor in Computer Science and Music...yeah i know, intense.

The Deetz: So, this is supposed to be about me. This makes me happy. Uhm ok. Well...oh wait am I supposed to speak in third person? we go!

So you reading this right now might be wondering "Who is Andre??" Besides being the proclaimed Token Black Guy in the Band-uh (and Portia is my token lady, unless Antwoine and Courtney become active), hes just your average joe living in good ol Davis. But what lies in the depths of the person that IS Andre? Well, I, the great narrator Blabble McNovel will tell you all about him. This story starts in the barren agricultural land of Fresno, Ca. Being born in Long Beach and later moving at 6 months, Andre was raised within the rapidly growing farm town. Being raised on Power Rangers and Captain Planet, Andre walked through the doors of Edison High School loving Anime (I know, how does that work) and keeping true to his one and only hobby: playing Clarinet. High school was interesting for Andre, because he was able to sort of define who he really was.

Andre's lingo (even today) is almost chaotic. With his signature phrase "L8r Dayze", he has re-defined the way people say goodbye on Instant Messaging programs and online blogs (except not really.) He is also an avid supporter of the use of "Hella" in a nutritionally balanced conversation, even though he is from Fresno. Fresno, you know, is known to be a part of Cen*Cal, or more exclusively for Fresno, Bastard*Cal (because no one wants to claim Fresno.) Further confusion from the Nor*Cal/Cen*Cal/SoCal is seen in Fresno, as adolescent Fresnans frequently say "hella", "hecka", and even "hecka hecka / hella hella" (ex: "That girl was hella horny while talking to Mr. MrKaich." "Nuh uh! like hella hella???) Andre is also very much into style, as he has a preppy look, and actually was known for walking out of the door every morning in style (from unconfirmed sources) Nevertheless, I did catch him ironing his clothes one day, and from what I have heard and witnessed, hes a cronic ironer who sets out what they are going to wear every single day. Crazy eh? But back to his high school years!

Among being in the Marching Band, Concert Band, and a Jazz Ensemble, Andre also tested the Dramatic Art waters by being in an acting medley known as "The Best of Broadway." Here he was a part of the ensemble, dancing and singing his heart out to songs like Chorus Line's I Hope I Get It, the theme from Little Shop of Horrors, and the oh-so-famous Seasons of Love from Rent. He then went on to star as Johnny Casino in his senior production, Grease. Then he graduated, almost died surfing in a riptide off the coast of Cayucos, and got a letter that would change the rest of his life (cause you know, the surfing has nothing on this letter.)

Far and wide many have tried, but none have done it better. One of the many mottos of the high-stepping, loud-screaming Marching Band of UC Davis, also known as the California Aggie Marching Band-Uh! Throughout his first year of college, he found companionship within the various memebers of the Band-uh, and went as far as to arrange Toxic by Britney Spears for the band, as well as Dude Looks Like A Lady by Aerosmith. Although Andre did seem to disappear during Spring Quarter '05 due to a hefty school load and work (oh yeah, Andre serves up some mean espresso at Brenan's in the Silo) he knows that he is going to be more active than ever entering a very busy and exciting season for the Band-uh. Oh yeah, and as of 10/3/2005, Andre officially switched to the awesomesauce Trombone section. YEAH BONES!!! DISCLAIMER: Andre still loves the clarinet section with all of his heart!

As for the times to come, Andre plans on changing his major from Computer Science and Engineering (blame it on that Sean Davis fellow) to Technocultural Studies. He also wishes to continue pursuing Computer Science, but not as his major, thus he will minor in it. And of course, being a musician means that he MUST minor in Music as well. This year is especially interesting, because he will be living on his own off on Pole Line, which is a huge step from the matronly walls of the great Sereno Hall. Who knows what the future brings for Andre, but as he always says, "Everything Happens for a Reason", so he will be taking life one step at a time. *queue credits*

Oh yeah, Im Black. And yes, I do like Fried Chicken and Hawaiian Punch at any time of the day. Haha, and maybe I'll catch you on the L Line some Unitrans line evar.

So I really dont know what else to dead tired, so just gimme some ideas and ill put it down or something...yeah.

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2005-07-16 02:33:27   Andre, you are so hot. And I am going to call you Skittles for the rest of your life, because of that random drunk chick who though your name was skittles...thats tight! —AndreHarris

2005-08-05 10:23:52   Did you leave yourself a comment on your own page?! *shakes head in disgust* —AllisonEriksen

2005-08-05 11:00:40   ...yes...but i swear i was just testing the comment box!!! —AndreHarris

2005-08-07 23:20:10   Andre is amazing. Everybody loves Andre. —MattNagel

2005-08-08 11:26:54   I swear man, they told me the truth. NO FRESHMAN FOR YOU! —AllisonEriksen

2005-08-09 16:01:00   I LOVE YOU TOO ANDRE!!! —AikoEnoki

2006-01-11 12:01:46   Hi, I'm writing an article for the California Aggie on the Jagged Tree. You had some really nice things to say about it and I was wondering if I could interview you. If you are interested, my email is -Carly —LizethCazares

2007-12-26 01:47:15   Will you sign my babies? —OlinHannum