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Welcome to the Wiki. It looks like things got off to a bit of a rocky start with the 24/7 Taxi Cab Company page. I realize you probably saw it as fighting fire with fire, after getting attacked by a competitor right off the bat, but it's really not appropriate to leave fake reviews about your company. Every change that's made to every page on the wiki gets recorded and backed up, so anyone can see that you're behind the fake review. Have a look at the Business Owner Welcome Page for some good information on how to deal with negative reviews and whatnot. Bruce has also been asked not to engage in attacks of that sort. It sounds like the community consensus is leaning toward wiping the comments on the page to give it a fresh start. In the future, if you're concerned about problem edits like the one Bruce left, please bring it up in a Talk page. You can make a Talk page anywhere on the wiki by clicking the little "Talk" button that appears at the top of each page. If you ask your questions or raise your concerns there, people are sure to drop by and check out what's going on. Again, welcome to the Wiki!—TomGarberson