Most of my postings is related to food (big foodie... one year I ate the entire best of list of zagat orange county) and sports (cycling, fencing)

Albert's Best of List for Davis


I find that food is an "art form consumed" and that food should be "experienced". With that said, some of my friend consider me pretty anal about food — I just won't eat anywhere. Heck, why should I? The price for good food and bad food is the about the same so why should I have bad food?!? Anyhow here's my current short list of places and if you'd would like my other food recommendations, check out my comments at


1. Village Bakery 2. Symposium 3. Woodstock's Pizza Honorable Mention: Steve's Pizza, Round Table Pizza, Papa Murphy's


1. In-N-Out 2. Ford's Real Hamburgers Honorable Mention: Squeeze Inn, Redrum, Sonic, Nationwide


1. Shanghai Town 2. New Canton


1. Taqueria Guadalajara 2. Taqueria Davis


1. Zen Toro


1. Rick's Dessert Diner 2. Cafe Mediterranee 3. Ciocolat


1. Cafe Mediterranee 2. Ali Baba


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2009-11-30 08:48:43   I haven't been to too many restaurants in Woodland, Sac, or Dixon, but basically my priorities are the same wherever I go. I like dishes with lots of fresh vegetables, tasty sauces, dog-friendly outdoor tables, and good desserts. :-) I tend to prefer "ethnic" food (whatever that means) to "American" food. Although nothing beats a good pizza (opinions seem to differ on whether American pizza actually qualifies as Italian food). —CovertProfessor

2010-01-29 19:45:06   @CovertProfessor Thanks for the comments! —atwong

2010-01-29 19:45:31   @All I've moved most if not all my reviews to yelp. See me at http://atwong.yelp.comatwong