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2011-09-02 12:31:20   Welcome to the Wiki. Why so hostile? Have you read the business owner/employee intro? The third point on there might be enlightening. You could, you know, do a little customer service and outreach, rather than calling your customers "stupid ass spoiled rich assholes" or "retarded."—TomGarberson

2011-09-02 17:02:51   Please do not presume to know me. Calling me rich and spoiled because I don't like a pizza place? Wow. The point of this website is to express opinions yet you seem to attack anyone who isn't as devoted to pizza guys as you are. I was complaining more about them completely changing my order without asking me more than I was about the leftovers. Chill. Not everyone in life is going to have the same opinion as you. If the wiki only had positive reviews it wouldn't accurately represent reality. Please leave me alone and consider not attacking everyone who disagrees with you. —LoriOrf

2011-09-02 17:55:55   Did you ever stop to think that the reason she did not want the leftovers was due to the fact that she might not wish to have food wasted, a sad American truth. While it may be true, you were trying to save her money by "upgrading her pizza to a larger size for less cost" all you did was:

A) cost your company more profit (which I am sure they are not going to be happy about) and B) add extra waste to the community by giving her more than she may have been able to consume.

It's not something that makes her a bitch, spoiled, or any other interesting descriptive you might wish to throw at her, but it it is something that defineitely tells the community, as well as your employer, something about you. —Wes-P