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Carrie, the edits get reverted because this is not a "business page" like yelp, etc. it's an informational website. Information (and images) are kept for historical purposes. You are free to make any changes that seem appropriate without removing history, but if you continue to try to delete information you are going to get on the bad side of many people here. Please take a moment to read Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner, and I think you will understand a little better. —Davidlm

David's answer above explains why I reverted the deletions you made on the page for your business. The purpose of the wiki is to document Davis, past and present. This is explained on the page that David suggests — I recommend it, too. —CovertProfessor

All perfectly understandable questions Carrie. It takes a while to get the hang of the wiki thing. So, as to knowing what has been edited. If you look at the control bar at the top you will see a "recent changes" tab, if you click that it will take you to a page that shows you any changes that have happened since you last looked (on that page if you click the changes tab next to the name of the page, it shows you what has been changed on that particular page). As it happens, it was just that CP and I were the ones handling the revert (I tend to keep an eye on salon pages because I like to foster salons in town and keep things somewhat "equitable"), but really anybody could have done it. I know Roger is thinking he won't be able to reopen any time soon, so I will go ahead and make it a "departed business" page, and make it a little more easy to figure it out. If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask. And feel free to add any other edits to pages you might have info for! That's what we do here!