Describe Users/chuckgirl here. -5 year member of the American Chuckwagon Association (ACWA). I'll even be participating in this year's HE PAID YOUR FEES cookoff in Hartford, SD in July with my awesome team, Chuckgurlz, the first all female, queer, chuck-wagoner team. -I have BA in English, MS in Mechanical Engineering, and am taking some time off from a PhD in transportation. My work is on alternative fuels and pre-industrial mass transportation. -I just moved back to Davis, after taking some time off in Texas from my PhD .


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2011-04-05 22:35:01   A belated Welcome to the Wiki! Thanks for the additions to the UC Davis English Department page. —TomGarberson

2011-04-27 09:30:04   If you're looking for Murphy's I had a pint at Sophia's the other day. But I'm not really a bar frequenter so I'm not sure if any other places around have it on tap. —MeggoWaffle