Colte94's real name is Ricky. He is a PhD student in the Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE) Department and a member of the Sophia's trivia team Canadian Softwood. He is also the very modestly talented goaltender for the ARE Master Breeders IM soccer team in the fall, winter, and spring.

Colte94 came to California in 2005 from Boston, MA. He lives in East Davis with his wife and two cats.


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2007-10-25 17:25:47   Good call on the "currently" edit. And funny you should mention wings— I just ate a chain called Wing Stop in the East Bay. Their hot wings are passable, but they have a few other varieties that sound interesting too. Have you had Sudwerk's wings lately? They used to be decent but were inexplicably limited to the drumette. —CraigBrozinsky

2007-11-07 13:20:56   I've only eaten Sudwerk's food once. I remember it being pretty good, but I didn't have wings. —colte94