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What do you know about Users/d1mackman?

2019-06-25 01:14:03   Just wanted to say I very much liked and agreed with your comment about the Co-Op. On Google Maps I gave them three stars out of five because of their total unrealistic pricing. I don’t do elaborate shopping there anymore like I used to. I can get exactly the same stuff (often same brand too!) for much less, sometimes for like 25% of the price or even less.

———- Example: corn on the cob, Trader Joe’s $0.25/.29, Co-Op $0.99. Especially all their veggies, fruit and nuts are priced like they are liquid gold. It’s getting to the point of “ridiculous”, it’s like throwing your money away, bringing water to the sea. It’s like: if you can’t stand your money, go to the Co-Op, you will lose it quickly. They do have very reasonable priced fresh baked donuts, but that’s one of their rare gestures.

———— Furthermore, the “sustainability” part. Well, when I see Co-Op selling tons of turkeys and other meat stuff, I ‘m totally unimpressed by their “good judgement”. —ConstantiaOomen