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2007-07-19 18:50:09   Welcome to the Wiki. Take a moment to go back and look at your contributions. After reading through some you might want to look at Reviews. —JasonAller

2007-07-19 23:47:09   I would concur, welcome to the wiki! —StevenDaubert

2007-07-23 22:00:36   How does this edit help the wiki? —JasonAller

2007-07-26 05:32:26   Or this edit, for that matter... —MichaelCheng

2007-07-30 17:23:49   Ok, here is another one. These sort of comments add nothing useful to the wiki. —CharlesMcLaughlin

2007-08-02 12:24:16   pls ban this vandal/troll. kthxbye. —WilliamLewis

2007-08-02 13:10:29   I think what people are getting at is that many of your comments have extremely poor grammar, which makes them hard to understand, and often they are so general that they just state your opinion (sometimes insultingly) without telling the reader why you have the opinion that you do. It would be helpful if you went back and edited some of your comments so that they were clearer and mentioned some specifics about what you liked and didn't like. —CovertProfessor

2007-08-03 18:38:49   This user also did a malicious deletion of the Osteria Fasulo page after getting into a comment war with the owner. —ScottLay

2007-08-04 05:53:29   Seems like the same guy as Brians (or, at least, the same caliber..) Wipe out all the comments both of them have made? Seems like pretty obvious trolling to me. Though, you've got to laugh at some gems like this one. —PhilipNeustrom

  • Both are very similar, but at least Brians's comments have some small amount of content in it (he actually talks about items he liked at restaurants, etc.). I would not cry if dickjones's comments mysteriously vanished (unless I hurt my jaw from cackling), but if Brians is a sock, then it may be an attempt being slightly more than "caveman." —KevinChin
  • I was thinking the same thing. At first I gave dickjones the benefit of the doubt, but we've seen a clear pattern of useless comments. brians first edit was yesterday, so perhaps dickjones saw this page and created a new account thinking he could pull one over on us. FWIW, I support clearing both of their comments. —CharlesMcLaughlin
  • All of his comments are poorly written, but it seems to me that most of them have some content in them, or at least as much content as other comments on the page. I don't see the justification for deleting his comments or banning him. I'm not defending him, but rather I'm worried that if we delete his stuff (and I agree that brians is sneakily similar) then we would be obligated to delete a lot of others. —CovertProfessor
    • I agree with the CP. It doesn't make sense to ban him. -Graham
    • While I agree that banning doesn't help (rather just forces one to create other accounts), I'd still like to hear why he deleted the Osterio Fasulo page. -ScottLay

2007-08-20 01:33:23   Where are you loss prevention at? —StevenDaubert

2007-11-15 22:18:49   about the loss prevention team that dickjones spoke of, I must agree—they really do keep a close eye on you. I've only shop there a few times and all those times that I have, I have to admit that I couldn't help but feel like I was being watched and followed like a dog. It was so obvious that I felt very uncomfortable and out of place, which made me decide to take my business elsewhere to other grocery stores who are more subtle about it. Has anyone felt the same way? Is it b/c I'm dark complexion? —kikao

2010-02-06 17:15:18   Some of your trolling has humor in them. —WengFF