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Howdy, Fred! You might want to reconsider your style of editing... editing other people's comments is really ''really'' obvious and generally not considered the best type of action around here. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards, (615) 517-6900

2008-01-24 08:18:54   Hi Fred, I don't know if you are the one adding the "tips" for Thoreau 206, but if you are- why say all that stuff? You're giving everything away! Just a thought... =) —MyaBrn

2008-02-15 07:31:55   Hey Fred, what's up? Your comment was cryptic...=) —MyaBrn

2008-02-19 08:02:53   Ahhh, I see now. But alas, I'm not a sucssesor. —MyaBrn

2009-11-01 20:53:56   yeah, but the have a deal with coke where the syrup contains more sugar than normal... —StevenDaubert