I Found This Tape moved to Davis in October of 2007. He is a man, born in 1977. He likes pizza, bad jokes, bad music, and bikes without motors. I Found This Tape is also an eponymous blog, found here.


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2008-07-11 08:49:18   I've fallen in love with your blog. Especially this entry. —ElleWeber

2008-10-22 14:41:13   We have since started taking our dog to 29 Palms Pet Resort. It's kind of in between Davis and Woodland. We have left our dog here a couple times and were satisfied with the quality of care she got there. Our dog is older so we always ask that she is kenneled in the "seniors section" at 29 Palms. We did visit the kennel before we decided to leave her there, along with 3 other kennels in the Davis/Woodland area, and we liked that one the best. Good luck! —recoveringPhD

2009-08-24 06:13:20   You wrote a really rude comment to me on the review page for a coffeehouse called "Espresso Metropolitan" in Sacramento. In all the world, I will never understand why some people seem to get off on being mean for no reason, as you were in your post to me. If I gave a bad review to another coffeehouse or cafe, it was because that was my HONEST opinion on that particular business. I don't have any "special interest" in Espresso Metropolitan other than that I have been a long-time customer there; I have given great reviews to Butch N Nellie's coffeehouse/cafe, but don't have any "special interest" in that place, either. I believe, however, that they deserve an excellent review. A cafe called The Coffee Garden is another one I really like. I have not found very many cafes in Sac that impress me, and I have every right to post my opinion without being attacked by a stranger for doing so. It sounds to me like YOU have a special interest in a certain cafe, since you were so defensive about the review I gave to it. —SisterRags

2009-11-09 12:17:48   ah! i JUST saw your comment! i'd love to chat with ya! my email is jaymesicle@gmail.com and i can give you my phone via email as well. —PopsicleGirl