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2007-11-03 04:56:11   Thank you so much for your comment on the RFSA page!!! You're so right about it being next to impossible to trust again. How great that you've made contact there at UCC! The worst thing is when people don't give Jesus a second chance because they've been abused by a 'wolf in sheep's clothing'. I love the account in John 9 where Jesus heals the man born blind, then the young man is abused by the church leaders, thrown out, and then Jesus comes to him. I can relate to that fellow. I'm him! May the Lord continue to heal you—and to use you in the healing of others who have undergone similar abuse! (2 Cor. 1:3-4.) —RichLindvall

2008-04-21 14:08:47   Sorry for the slow reply... thanks for your comment on my page. Glad I could inspire you. :) —CovertProfessor