My husband and I live in Davis. I graduated Fall 2011 with a degree in Child Development from Sacramento State. My husband graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Music Composition. 

We love to eat out which is why I have this davis wiki anyways.

I love chocolate, coffee, sewing, photography, swimming, singing, playing guitar/piano/ukelele, reading, crocheting, and of course food. :)

Most of our music is on our bandcamp site


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2011-08-21 17:54:20   Jo's comment was a reply to another comment that got deleted soon after. I went ahead and deleted Jo's comment and yours, since the basis was already removed from the page. Hope you don't mind. Also, a belated welcome to the Wiki! —TomGarberson

2011-08-23 12:44:16   20-30 min is fine unless the place is totally empty and you only ordered appetizers.... —OliviaY

2011-08-23 12:44:59   and it can take 20-30 min at In n Out on a busy night haha —OliviaY

2011-09-18 18:49:42   an employee actually cursed in a conversation with you?!? —ndah100

2011-09-29 22:08:00   Do you recall more about your experience at cloud forest? This being Davis and all I know the owners thru less than three degrees... —StevenDaubert

2011-12-06 05:46:33   Congrats on being preggers! I have a 14 month old and and did a water birth at Sutter Davis. I highly recommend it and using a doula! —jsbmeb

2011-12-06 13:38:07   Ditto on the congratulations! My little one is due in January (ahhh, so soon!) and I'm delivering at Sutter also. Exciting!!! :D —JenniferCook

2012-01-02 22:42:58   Yep, this is my first! I am so ready to have her now, but baby has a different idea of course. I still have 3 weeks left so I shouldn't be too impatient, I suppose. Have you found out the sex yet? That was so exciting for us, and I was completely baffled that the doctor could tell it was a girl from such a blurry image. Maybe our babies can be friends someday! Teehee. —JenniferCook

2012-01-12 11:31:50   I have heard about the Mother and Baby Source classes but I just checked out the Co-op one and it looks awesome too! I'm totally going to check it out. Thanks for the info! —JenniferCook

2012-07-08 14:42:39   Not to be a stalker or anything, but any baby news?!?! —JenniferCook

2012-07-10 08:48:18   Congratulations!! —CovertProfessor

2012-07-10 14:08:03   Congrats!!!! The eating thing definitely gets easier. Sleeping gets better too. The first month is the hardest, but sooooo worth every moment of it! —JenniferCook

2012-07-16 20:41:06   It gets so much easier, just don't give up! I went to mother and baby source once but I wasn't a huge fan of that group. We go to a (free!) swim class at swim America on Wednesdays instead. We also go to the co-op group on Tuesdays (thanks to you!) and another group on Thursdays. I can give you the swim class and Thursday group info if you're interested :) —JenniferCook

2012-07-27 10:38:36   I totally understand! It gets better soon though. Co-op group is Tuesdays at 10 in the co-op teaching kitchen (across the street from the actual co-op) and the other group I go to is on Thursdays at Davis community clinic at 10. If you are interested in the swim class it's at swim America on Wednesdays at 9 am and he can start when he's 2 months old, but you should call now since it's in high demand. And it's free til he is 8 months old! —JenniferCook

Nice to meet you too! Funny, I just logged in to leave you a message and saw that you just left one for me a few minutes ago. I just wanted to let you know that a few other mamas and I usually meet up at the farmers market if you are interested in joining us :) - jenn

2012-10-03 12:22:23   I don't know if you'll get this in time but we will be at the farmers market this afternoon if you want to join us! I'll probably get there around 4-4:15 and we will be on a blanket on the grass! —JenniferCook

2013-05-09 10:36:31   Oh, some spammer posted junk to a bunch of people's profiles, including yours. I just went around and removed it. No worries, I was just trying to keep the wiki spam-free! —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards