Name: Jennifer LaFever

Phone Number: (530) 574-3344

Office: No longer in Davis, unfortunately! Now in San Jose, CA.

About ME: From Las Vegas, Nevada. Studied Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Economics at UCD. Left Davis for San Jose in 2006.

Fun Facts/Updates:

I finished all the requirements for my Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Managerial Economics at 17:21:33 on 10 June 2006. Moved to San Jose to work as a Quality Engineer at a precision metal machining shop. Missing Davis, although I said I wouldn't!

Next in the agenda: Continue working in San Jose until, at latest, September 2008. What's next? Anywhere and anything, my friends!


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2005-12-10 17:03:07   My goat? What gets your goat? —NiareeHopelian

2005-12-13 12:52:43   I love Jennifer LaFever! —MeganGarcia

2006-03-09 14:39:46   Holy crow, another computer-type person in the Arbors, rock on! —TarZxf