JMo works at UC Davis, and is enjoying biking everywhere for the first time in her life although she doesn't like getting blown over when trying to bike on campus during spring. She loves to cook, eat, try new things, and spend time outside with her Labrador.


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2009-06-23 23:18:26   Welcome to the Davis Wiki. Labs are the greatest dogs... —robinlaughlin

2010-06-02 01:19:20   Any photos of the great horned owl nestling? —StevenDaubert

2010-06-06 11:35:53   Happens to the best of us, I remember when I got a chance to handle a hummingbird and didn't take a photo of the neck feathers —StevenDaubert

2011-04-01 23:06:15   Did Forever 21 cancel the gift card thing? My friends (who work there) told me last night that they are doing this... —Morganna

2011-04-10 10:57:14   Hi, you made an interesting post on one of the restaurant pages that passports are not accepted as a valid form of identification at some bars, ect. Do you know if there is an exception for foreign passports, since that is the only form of identification they would have. Sounds a bit racist for an establishment not to be allowing foreign people in. —MattHh