My name is Jono Davis.

I moved to Chico in 2006 to attend CSU, Chico where I am majoring in Philosophy. While not in class I work as a bicycle mechanic at Pullins Cyclery. I believe Chico is the kind of community that could really take advantage of this kind of wiki.

You can find my blog at


2008-07-24 18:29:32   Hi there, Jono! Welcome to the Wiki! I couldn't help but notice that you set up a user page over at Wiki Spot that I think you may have meant to set up over here at Chico Wiki. They are the larger group of community wikis that we are a part of, and people setting up new accounts get redirected over there without realizing it. If you were meaning to put that content here in our community wiki (so that Chico contributors will see it), I'd recommend copying and pasting it from over there to the top of this page. Either way, thanks for your edits on the Pullins Cyclery page! It's only with the help from those in the know that this wiki can thrive. —StaceyEllis

2008-07-27 12:17:28   Hi Jono! Welcome to the wiki! I'm very glad you've found it — this wiki has had a severe lack of biking information. I haven't even begun to explore that realm since I'm rather stubborn and like keeping on my feet on the ground when getting around town. I noticed on one of the Chico Wiki flyers downtown (on the lower part of the window between The Naked Lounge and Subway) that someone had penciled in a bunch of Bicycle related page names — I thought that was great. I need to take a photo of it and post on the flyer page. See you around the wiki and thanks so much for your contributions! Cheers. —RyanMikulovsky