I am Juliet Jarvis and I have lived in the Triangle for over 20 years.  I organize multiple adult activity groups and can be found on weekends leading a hike up a mountain, scheduling a movie premiere event, or dreaming up some other fun activities. 

Organizing activities for my groups I have found a multitude of hidden gems in the area and decided I would volunteer as a content writer for this project to help spread the news about the great things you can do in the triangle!

By profession I work in software development and specialize in business analysis and web interface design. I have worked with many high profile companies in the information technology and medical/insurance industries and find working in software development quite fulfilling.


Looking for a Business Analyst or Web Designer?

If you or your company is looking to hire a hard working and talented business analyst / web designer, please visit my website for more information and contact details.  http://www.julietjarvis.com