I grew up in Winters, but moved to Davis after college while working as a reporter for the Winters Express. I've also lived in Monterey, Madrid, Chicago and San Francisco. I launched the local online news site Davis Patch in June of 2011, but began a job at the UC Davis One Health Institute in June of 2013. (Here's my goodbye-Patch letter). I live in an apartment near downtown with my wife, Bianca and our son Noah.

2011-07-18 15:41:20   A belated Welcome to the Wiki! Thanks for the update on Borders. It's great to see you contributing to pages other than Patch! —TomGarberson

2011-07-18 16:57:41   haha! happy to contribute. it's probably worth linking out to the story though, huh? thanks again for the welcome! —justincox22

Thanks for adding the Mori Seiki info! —TomGarberson

Thanks for the Occupy updates. The UCD pepper spraying is all over the Live Streams and http://www.livestream.com/occupyunity JoRo

As always, thanks for your great contributions! —TomGarberson

Not a bad idea — the tragic event is her death. Did somebody ask you to remove the name? ⁓ʝ⍵

How is Patch coming along? Daubert

- @Daubert: It's doing really well, especially with young people who may never subscribe to a newspaper. I think many of those people would otherwise miss out on local news, because it's not always the sexiest stuff and it rarely hits their social media feeds. Davis Patch makes that happen, and it serves as a bridge to the newspaper, the wiki, and trippy stuff like this, on occasion. It's doing well with other groups as well, but it seems to be most useful for that group. Thanks for asking. (I've tried to do my part in adding valuable content to the wiki along the way. My editing has come in waves, though).

Thanks! To me, there is something quintessentially Davis about it, in all of its glorious contradictions. —CovertProfessor

- exactly. so awesome. i should go do a prius count at the walmart in dixon. i'm sure it wouldn't take long. -justin

Ha! It would be funny to do a comparison, say, Saturday at 2 PM, both stores. —cp

it could either be a prius count, or a search for a different trend (like a line of ford excursions or something like that). either way, i'm liking it. — justin

Sure. It's just an interesting little tidbit about Davis. We're all about the interesting little tidbits. —cp

Thanks so much for following up on the trial date stuff. Hope you had a good camping trip! —TomGarberson

  • Yes, thank you Justin! I was very curious, so it was nice of you to share that info. —ScottMeehleib

Absolutely. Thanks for pointing out that the trial situation had been silent. Camping was great. Lot of driving, but well worth it. Hope Big Basin was cool as well! - Justin

There was also some court testimony that already happened. I was searching for the new date, but couldn't find it. Thanks for the update. ⁓ʝ⍵

Probably a preliminary examination ("PX"). Pretty much just a formality in a case like this. The prosecutor has to establish that there's probable cause to proceed with the case, which is an extraordinarily low burden. If it's a he-said-she-said case, the one adverse witness (i.e. victim) is plenty to meet the standard absent pretty strong evidence contradicting the witness. —tg

I dunno but I think that Caffino might have been bought lock stock and barrel by dutch bros? ~STD

  • Looks like Sac Biz Journal says Dutch Bros is expanding in the Sac area, starting with Davis and Citrus H. Not sure if it's a full-on purchase, or just a takeover of a few francises.

Good job with the Jennifer Anderson interview. —CovertProfessor

Sure. The alert page info will be deleted, so what happens with it now doesn't really matter. I was trying to think if the info should be recorded elsewhere, but couldn't decide/come up with anything. —cp

If you want those community alerts to show up on the Front page, you have to edit the Front page. As the instructions say:

##  Before enabling a community alert consider if it would be better as a Featured Page or Event.  Community alerts are ultra-high profile emergency notices regarding very time sensitive and temporary items such as boil water orders, weather alerts or a missing child.  Try to keep them limited to items that the people living in Davis should all be alerted to, no matter who they are.  Think of it as the Wiki emergency broadcast system.
## To Enable a community alert, use:
## [[Include(Community Alert, "Community Notice", left, 48%)]][[Include(Featured Page, "Featured Page", right)]]
## Otherwise, use:
[[Include(Featured Page, "Featured Page", right)]]

The idea is that the lines beginning with hashtags are comments that don't appear on the page. So, by changing which code is commented out and which is not, you can make the Community Alert appear. Hope that makes sense. —cp

Ok, will do — but I am going to shorten it slightly. —cp

Best of luck in your new position! —cp

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your work at Davis Patch. -jw

Hi Justin, just wondering what eventually happened with you and patch? Did you move on to greener pastures or did the cuts getcho? Daubert

ah, your top comment isn't a comment but your actual blurb where you describe what is good / include your leaving patch letter. Maybe I should slow down sometimes...

  • We should all slow down sometimes, I'm sure. 37 people were fired from Patch the week before I was hired at UC Davis. 400 people were laid off two months later. Safe to say: I'm glad I got off when I did, and I really like what I'm doing at UCD.