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Hey, do you mind if I take Waterway's version and reinstate it as a starting point to work from? -jw

2009-10-23 19:10:15   Yeah cool. —keithwyness

I will not tolerate any entrant, especially from someone who openly vandalised the site, on the Extending Merseyrail page that includes a mythical stadium on Liverpool Waters. I am ADAMANT on that. I have given countless sensible and logical reasons why it should not be there. - Waterways

It would be great to finally resolve this issue. I'm sure that this has become tiresome for all involved. The way I see this progressing is quite simple. Waterways work would be retained in it's current format with nothing deleted or changed whatsoever. At the bottom of the page under a new subheading called "Historical and alternative proposals" there would be a section on the wiki highlighting the 2 historical proposals from NWDA/MDHC and KEIOC/Trevor Skempton's (eminent stadium designer) work. Also Liverpool's proposals complete with renders.

This could be at the very bottom of the wiki, completely seperate from Waterways work.

I think now we are at a point where it's not really in doubt that there have been proposals to put a station and stadium at Central Docks. How "official" are they!? Well they've been put forward by the main government agency responsible for regeneration in the North West, the former owners of the site and by Livepool councillors. Are they any more fictional, than re-opening long disused tunnels, of which there are no current, concrete proposals other than merseytravel saying they would look into it!? Certainly there is no plan or even proposal by MT to extend rail utilising an "outer loop". This is something Waterways and Watertways alone is proposing....and he is entitled to do so, which is why I never deleted his work.

When can we progress so that work from editors can go up without fear of it being imeediately deleted? How long does this go on for with ONE person refusing to allow ANY edits?



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