Are you a bird of prey?


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2008-11-30 21:00:25   Happy to help, kestrel. We've all been there! —CovertProfessor

2008-12-01 12:35:44   Hi, I'm sorry if my comment made you guys upset. I wasn't really trying to excuse anything that has happened that night, since I wasn't there, etc. I had just read everything that every one had written and was just trying to give people the news. At any rate, as I write the list for ice cream order, I have been trying to have every flavor. again many times our flavors are in the back as we only have three dipping cabinets, and many more times they are not on the list we order from. I'm sorry for your bad experience, and I respect your choice/opinion. :) have a great day. —Moozhan

2008-12-01 19:39:31   thanks for answering me. I know that we have been out of flavors before, but the owner has changed only three weeks ago. what I meant was that under the new ownership we will not be out of ice cream. that's all. thanks again for your response, again since this management is new we will profit from every single opinion that customers post. yours, Moozhan Toofan —Moozhan