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2010-04-16 18:11:05   Howdy Ms. or Mr. Focker, and Welcome to the Wiki! You might want to check out the importance of using your RealName, just so we can get to know you. After all, we're all neighbors here. Your comment about a fellow human being on the Ohana entry seemed awfully harsh, and I removed it. Anybody can... again, all the content is managed by members of the community, and that comment seemed way over the top, nasty and childish. Please treat your fellow Davis neighbors with respect. That's not to say that a valid complaint is bad... but you really stepped into the realm of personal attack. Not cool. I hope you stick around, but please don't make personal attacks on the wiki. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2010-04-19 13:20:51   sorry and I apologize for my previous comment. I obviously went over the edge and got carried away. once again, my apology to daviswiki and the ohana employee. —lazifocker