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Melissa Jenna ("MJ") Godsey is a writer, video-blogger, and host of a tech webshow for iFixit. She is also a wife, mother, and ardent lover of people and their stories. She often speaks about her experiences with childhood abuse (and recovery), homelessness, and the nature of healthy parent/child relationships.

As an Internet personality, her accomplishments include being sent to participate in both of the revolutionary CNN/YouTube Presidential Debates, interviewing Howard Dean regarding social media and its effects on campaign strategy, appearances on Anderson Cooper 360 and American Morning, being chosen as one of Ford Motor Company's 100 "Fiesta Agents" for its "Fiesta Movement" campaign, leading 60 women on a 40 day makeup-fast, and continually developing content for her iFixit webshow.

As a human being, her accomplishments include being one half of a happy and healthy marriage and parenting duo, raising awareness of the real and present need that exists both locally and globally, speaking out against all forms of child abuse, and inspiring her community to lead more introspective and progressive lives.

Melissa would love to get to know you better. You can begin a conversation with her on Twitter, or Facebook, or read more about her on her blog.