Michael Gervais is a resident of Davis and a local Architect.

Gervais, Inc. is the firm he started in December of 2006.

He has two school aged children (now teen-agers) that attend Davis schools. In his spare time he likes to do many things...all of which he isn't that great at, including:

  • photography
  • play guitar
  • try to record songs
  • use photoshop
  • juggle
  • ride bicycles
  • cook
  • go to the movies
  • procrastinate

He moved to Davis with his family in 2000 and has been here since. I'd be a little more happy if it was an affordable town, but the school system here is so great for my kids..that i won't move. LOL sacrifice for the good of the kids, right?

drop me an email anytime gervais@gervais-arch.com

have a good day!