missmochi has lived in Davis since 2007. She is a food connoisseur who specializes in Asian food and tea. Her favorite types of Asian food, in ranking order, are Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, and Chinese. She has eaten Asian food in Bay Area (SF, San Jose, Milpitas, Fremont, Cupertino, Mountain View, etc.), Sacramento/Davis, SoCal (LA, Westminster, Garden Grove, OC), and in Asia as well (Vietnam, Thailand, and Taiwan).

Her experiences with tea (milk tea/bubble/tapioca/boba) started about 7 years ago. She has drank tea from all the above mentioned including Canada!

Overall, she loves food. If you want to read her Yelp! Reviews, message her! If you want food recommendations, comment below! Thanks!


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I saw your review on Red Orchid. I was wondering which restaurants you recommend in Chinatown SF. I work a few blocks from there every week but I've only eaten at RG lounge and the Golden Star pho place... which isn't chinese. My co-worker says everything else in Chinatown sucks compared to other places in SF... —KellyM

2009-05-11 13:05:10   I've been to a number of Vietnamese restaurants in the San Jose area and agree that they are very good. But I think that Sunrise is close. Maybe you caught them on an off night? I haven't been to Bac Hoa Viet — I've heard so many bad things about them that I've just stayed away altogether! —CovertProfessor

2009-05-12 20:10:24   I'd love a name recommendation, if it isn't too much trouble to look up. I'm only in SF once a week so I don't like to risk bad meals. —KellyM