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2011-05-23 11:12:52   Welcome to the Wiki! Thanks for adding the new photos! It looks like you're probably an employee/manager at Fountain Circle. Why not take a moment to introduce yourself here on your user page? Please also take a minute to read over Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner. There's a lot of valuable information there. —TomGarberson

2011-05-23 14:21:27   Howdy! I changed your last revision back to the previous version, because the wiki generally frowns upon promotional language. Also, there's no rule about impartial language, so a little bit of commentary adds "local flavor" to the wiki. Feel free to ask any of the editors (Tom, Jabberwokky, me, etc.) if you have any questions, and I also strongly advise you take a look at the Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner page. —JoePomidor