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2008-06-16 18:52:39   Welcome to the Wiki. Please read Welcome to the Wiki/Business Owner. It looks like you and AlyssaHairStylist, LarisaHairStylist, antainette all left forwarding messages on the Tangles page. The Wiki Community, of which you are part, is still figuring out wiki ethics. One of the issues that hasn't really been figured out is leaving information on a page for one business directing people to another business. Obviously in personal services businesses where individuals gather a following knowing when a service provider moves between businesses is important. Maybe you can help figure out some guidelines that would be helpful for both businesses involved, the customers and the service provider who is moving. —JasonAller

2009-10-17 01:37:57   I feel it is in the best interest for everyone involved when it comes to hair salons and stylist most clients go to a salon for the service that they recieve from thier individual stylist if they are coming for any other reason they will decide to stay. as a stylist it is very important to inform the clients where you were and where you now are located so they may find you, and for the buisness aspect of it the previous salon wont have to be labeled rude or anything else for not letting them know where their stylist has gone.. ultimatly clients are not property they should be informed and allowed to decide where they go from that point. :) —VeronicaBruno