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2008-09-11 21:37:09   Howdy Pat, and Welcome to the Wiki! My name's Evan, pleased to meet you! Thanks for updating all the info on Roxie. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2008-10-14 11:22:30   Hey, Pat. Give me a call if you want. (615) 686-9538. I was the one who originally posted the comment, but others are restoring it, presumably because they feel the reviews are questionable. I (and other editors) are not doing anything special in terms of monitoring... all the wiki records are open to provide accountability. Hit the "Info" button and you can see all edits and the IP address the edits came from (hover over the name of the editor). Sockpuppets are pretty common; if this isn't a case of sockpuppetry (one or a few people using several accounts to look like several people), it certainly looks like one. That's why I pointed it out by merely pointing out why they look suspicious and "While it is not certain that these are fake reviews created by a single person, be aware that they appears to be similar in wording and uniform in character". —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards, (615) 686-9538

2008-10-14 11:26:11   Oh, and just changing the entry over and over is much much less effective than talking to people. Suspicious activity was pointed out in public. Talking and explaining things is much more effective than just trying to "shout down" your neighbors. It's also okay if they actually were sockpuppets. Just clean it up by deleting the fake reviews and we'll all move on (it wouldn't be the first case of fluffing up an entry by posting positive reviews). We're all just a bunch of people trying to figure out what the truth is here. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards, (615) 686-9538

2008-10-14 12:32:27   What are you talking about, exactly? —IDoNotExist

2008-10-14 14:15:31   As far as I know the current entries are valid. I removed Prose because I knew it was not. I assumed (seems like "assumption" is the standard MO on the wiki) that the text highlighted in red/pink was being inserted by some type of wiki administrator. Am I wrong? How does someone "restore" the pinked comment? At this point, I have no idea which people to talk to??? IDoNotExist claims innocence, and I don't understand his/her reference to "Chicago" anyway. And when you say "we'll all move on" it sounds as though you have some culpability here, you and your band of wiki cops. I tried to build a legit page for Roxie. Does that mean it is my responsibility to police it, and if I don't, does it fall to you and IDoNotExist? Just tell me the rules and I'll play by them. The truth is what you make it. I'd be happy to call you if I thought it would help on your quest for the truth. I am not a hostile person (62 year old grandmother, for crying out loud) but the wiki is starting to feel like a hostile place. —patquinn

2008-10-14 14:35:59   Roxie is a song from the musical Chicago. The name Roxie is repeated many times during the song, which is why I was reminded of it by all of the comments. (Roxie is, in fact, the only word in the lyrics that I actually remember!)

I've had actually only posted once on that page about the comments. There are a great many people who edit the wiki, and who try to ensure that the information on it is reliable and accurate - including comments. It is frequently the case that one person (sometimes a business owner) will post a series of positive comments back to back, making up different accounts each time to make it appear that each posting came from a different person. Since these accounts are not tightly bound in any way to real people (ie. we don't know who is actually using each account), posts that closely resemble each other, esp. those posted from the same computer, are often flagged and sometimes removed. For example, if I owned a business that sheared sheep (which I do not) and someone posted that IDoNotExist was the best sheep shearer in Davis, and then someone else did so right afterwards, and then someone else did so right after that, it would look very suspicious, esp. if they all referred to me in the same way. It's certainly not a guarantee that the posts are from the same person, but most people write very differently, and very few people specifically refer to a specific person. When this happens many times in a row, esp. from the same computer, it looks very suspicious.

As for your comment this morning asking me to stop doing what I was doing, I wasn't actually doing anything related to the Roxie page. Other wiki editors were probably making changes to the page at the time. I actually didn't have anything to do with that. In fact, I was most likely asleep or working on a project at the time! —IDoNotExist

2008-10-14 17:49:25   Welcome to the wiki! I'm glad you weren't put off after confusing first impressions :) —ElleWeber

2010-01-05 13:06:37   Please help me understand why someone changes everything I post on the wiki? Is there a rule book someplace? —patquinn

2010-01-05 14:48:28   The wiki is a group effort, and like all group efforts, it is subject to change and negotiation. I think it's fair to say that everyone who edits the wiki on a regular or semi-regular basis has had his/her edits modified. I know it can be a frustrating process, but please understand that most people are well-intentioned and just trying to make the wiki the best community resource that it can be. That being said, if you want to defend a particular edit, the thing to do is to explain to the rest of the community why you think your original edit should stay as it is. I see that you have already begun that process on a Talk page, which is the right way to do it. —CovertProfessor

2010-01-05 18:50:55   This edit sounded like that incarnation of the business was no longer operating because of the information that was removed. I took the Departed Business macro from the page. Sorry for the confusion. —JasonAller

2010-01-06 10:19:38   Did you remove all the comments that I had copied over from Roxie's old page to her new page? I checked with Evan Edwards (Jabberwokky) and he said it was okay. I want to copy them to the new page because those comments should follow her to her new site. If you want I am happy to remove them from the old page. Thanks. —patquinn

  • To be clear, I said I didn't think anybody would mind if it were done fairly (i.e., copying over all connected reviews, positive and negative to a new entry on the same person). Please check the Talk page for the entry for some discussion of the issues involved (one of which was purely technical and a simply mistake in copying and pasting — you accidentally stripped out all the links and formatting). —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2010-02-05 11:00:05   Please see Marjan/Talk. —JasonAller