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2009-08-23 09:16:13   Welcome to the Wiki. You might want to look at Section 25660 of the California Business and Professions Code:

25660.  (a) Bona fide evidence of majority and identity of the 
person is a document issued by a federal, state, county, or municipal
government, or subdivision or agency thereof, including, but not
limited to, a motor vehicle operator's license or an identification
card issued to a member of the Armed Forces, that contains the name,
date of birth, description, and picture of the person.

And yes (b) may also come into play, but we would have to see the particular ID in order to know if it applies. —JasonAller

2009-08-23 12:13:05   (4) Checking Identification (I.D.)If you ask for and see, bona fide (legally acceptable) I.D. before you sell an alcoholic beverageto a customer, you can defend yourself against a charge of selling alcoholic beverages to an underageperson. An I.D. is legally acceptable if it:•Is issued by a government agency (such as Federal, State, county or city)•Contains the name of the person•Contains the date of birth of the person•Contains a description of the person•Contains a photograph of the person•Is currently valid (in other words, not expired) ABC-299 (11/03) Examples of legally acceptable I.D.’s are: a driver’s license, State-issued I.D. card or Federal military I.D. card. Caution: The picture and physical description on the I.D. must match thecustomer. If the I.D. is altered or mutilated, it is not acceptable. You must check a customer’s I.D.every time you sell alcoholic beverages to that customer. Examples of unacceptable I.D.’s are:temporary driver’s licenses, non-photo driver’s licenses, birth certificates and school or work (Section 25660 Business and Professions Code)


You have been misinformed. —OliviaY