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Describe Users/rubayya here: hello. I was in Kate Williams' GSLIS class "Community Informatics" in Fall 2012. At that point, CUwiki only had eBlackCU content. As a class project, we were given the responsibility of building the CUwiki within the community. Since then, I admit I have not been the most active of users. Today, April 11, 2014, however, I am starting a project that I not only think is very important but very important to host in the CUwiki.

Kate once told me that if something matters to one person in a community, it matters to the entire community. This ethic rang true to my upbringing but, what matters to me?

I am a young woman of locally (in CU) uncommon background and I am at the beginning of my career. I am a student of librarianship, writing, art and life. Right now, I am attempting to hold myself intact while looking for a job. I have some valuable skills and experience but, while building those things, found it challenging to build or truly join a network. I am a multicultural master's student and these are resources for the similarly traveled or like-minded:

Please join me in building these resources. Thank you. -Rubayya