2011-09-27 16:35:29   Welcome to the Wiki, Shivramsrinivasan! Thank you for the work on Burgers and Brew. One question though-the picture is not credited and we prefer to have all pictures credited to the appropriate photographer. Did you take that picture? —PeterBoulay

2011-10-06 09:52:46   Hey, Shivu, I deleted that Online Marketing page that you created because it didn't have any content on it. Did you have plans for that page? You can recreate it if there's Sacramento-centric stuff that belongs on the page, but I didn't want an empty page floating around out there. —NicholasBarry

2011-10-18 13:09:13   Shivu...FYI Nicholas has had some items on his To Do list about the sports pages you created awhile back. Can you catch up on those please...thx —PeterBoulay

2011-10-20 14:31:25   Hey, Shivu - I'm making some changes to the Local Services & Organizations page. I thought I'd comment on them here, since seeing how someone else improves upon a page is often a great way to learn more about the wiki process yourself.

  • I deleted the “Law Enforcement and Legal Resources” category page – it didn’t seem necessary to lump those two together (even though they’re obviously related), and created a separate category page for them just seemed to create an extra layer of pages, which may make it harder for people to navigate around the site. I decided instead to link the two pages from each other (e.g. “See also the page of Law Enforcement services”)
  • Remember when we were talking about how to structure the services pages? You suggested an agency hierarchy, and I suggested a service/issue-based structure? Well, it’s not a bad idea to have several different options for people, so I started creating three different sections of the Services page so people can browse the services however is most convenient for them. I suspect people will want to use the service/issue-based organization, but this way we don’t have to guess what everyone will want. We’ll still have to fill out a lot of the sections, of course, and I think we should focus on the first section first.
  • I deleted the “Miscellaneous Services” page, because I think it’s better just to list each of those services on its own in the list (or find a better place to categorize it).
  • I deleted “Thrift Stores” from the list – that’s not a service, it’s a business type. It’s linked from the “Free or Affordable Clothing” page, which is also on the list, so people will still find their way to Thrift Stores if they’re looking for clothing.
  • I deleted the “Mortuary Services” page, created a new page for the one organization that had been listed on that page, linked to it from the Funerals page (which I also had to create first), then linked to a few other funeral services from the Funerals page.
  • Medi-Cal isn’t really parent- or child-specific, so I removed it from that category listing.

Whew! There’s still quite a bit of work to be done on this page. Talk to me when you’re in next about where you’re going to start on this page. Thanks, —NicholasBarry