I love Oakland. I moved here in 1997 and honestly can't imagine living anywhere else.

I'm a photographer, writer, foodie, art-nut, cat-freak, gardener, nature-lover, DIY-enthusiast, and jane-of-all-trades who lives in the lower hills with my husband, step-daughter (who will be off to college this fall), and our three ridiculous cats.

I'm the creator of Oaktown Art, a blog about art and culture in Oakland, and my email address is my Oaklandwiki username at gmail dot com.

wow, it's so great to see you here! your pictures are fabulous and you'll probably find links to a LOT of your mural pages here :) if you want, take a look at the page for murals that need pictures- i bet you can help out! -greenkozi (creator of oaklandmurals.com and the murals of oakland flickr group)

-- hi greenkozi, thanks! i just stumbled upon the Oakland Wiki a few weeks ago and was blown away... I'd like to start contributing and threw up those first photos as sort of a test. I'm going to try to come to the upcoming user group meeting so I can learn more. cheers!