Resident of Davis for 6 years: chose the house I live in because its walking distance to Covell Nugget.

I live here with my lovely, smart U.C.D. grad wife, and two dogs. I am a landscape designer, local food advocate and wanna-be vineyard owner.

I think Davis is one of the top 10 best towns in Cal. to be trapped in during a recession. (Sonoma, Capitola, Ojai, Pacific Beach are others, but I can't afford them)

The only flaw I can see is a big university that draws international students, and yet we have no/few good restaurants, wine bars or live music. The Grad does not count. The Palms left. Tuco's is nice, but needs to be 4 times bigger.

City government repression of liquor licenses, townies frowning on live venues? I can't explain.


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2009-09-14 20:52:01   Hi there. A belated welcome to the wiki. Great new page on landscape architects. I added some language on it and left it open for other LA's to include their names or businesses. Then I created a new business page for your Great Valley Design, with a minimal amount of info that can be expanded upon. —robinlaughlin

2009-09-15 14:34:50   Hi, are you a landscape architect, or a landscape designer? I'd like the page to be accurate and explain the distinction, then perhaps we can add folks like Margot Anderson and others. —DonShor